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Constructing a Roster using one player from each team in the big leagues

Can i Create a Winning Roster

I was interested in looking at what is the best roster I could create to compete in MLB using 1 player from every team to create the ultimate 30 man roster for the 2024 season, this article isn’t about taking every teams biggest superstar it’s about constructing a roster I think can compete.


I have had to use a bit of creative license for this as this would give me a bigger roster than a standard MLB team, so I have constructed it the following way.

9 outfield positions including DH

6 Starting pitchers

8 relief pitchers for my bullpen

7 subs


I have had to not think about a salary cap for my team as we would be looking at going way over cap to complete my roster.

Also its just for fun.

This is obviously a subjective opinion, but I definitely think this roster could have a shot at a ring.


Teams in alphabetical order


Arizona Diamonbacks – Zac Gallen 2024 adjusted salary $10.011.000 …. Zac Gallen will be an essential part of my starting rotation. Last season in the World series he was great in his 2 starts maybe his 3.18 ERA not being a true reflection of how he pitched. In the regular season he started 34 games, so he is a reliable starter every five days pitching to a 3.47 ERA and pitching a career high 210 innings. Gallen is a great starter and gives you everything you want from a starting pitcher reliability and consistency.



Atlanta Braves – Ronald Acuna Jr 2024 base salary $17.000.000 …. Last year’s NL MVP was always going to be one of my 3 starting outfielders coming from a simply breathtaking season in 2023 where he led all of MLB in steals, hits, runs and bases. At only 26 years of age he is only going to get better so he’s a player to get on base for the players behind him in the order.


Baltimore Orioles – Adley Rutschman 2024 Salary still under pre arbitration $760.300 …. My starting catcher without a doubt. Rutschman’s catching defence is elite and at 26 years of age is only going to get better. The Orioles have a plethora of elite young talent but having a great catcher who can bat up the order makes him a must for me. Coming off his first all-star appearance in 2023 I can see this being the first of many appearances representing the American League.



Boston Red Sox – Rafael Devers 2024 total salary including signing bonus $29.318.181 …. Coming off a silver slugger season in 2023 I have Devers on my subs bench, but I would have no qualms in playing him. He gives a high average plays good defence and hit a good amount of home runs looking at the Red Sox roster he was my obvious choice. In 2023 he posted 100 RBI’s and 33 home runs batting to a .271 avg.



Chicago Cubs – Shota Imanaga 2024 adjusted salary $9.250.000 …. Coming to the MLB for his first season from the Nippon Professional Baseball league (NPB) I see this as a good option as my 6th starting pitcher. Imanaga’s stats in the NPB were very impressive where he had an ERA of just over 3 and over 1000 strikeouts. It’s never a guarantee a player will cross over when moving from another league but if he pitches to his mean this will be a good addition to complete my extended starting rotation.



Chicago White Sox – Luis Robert Jr 2024 total salary $12.500.500 …. One of the elite outfielders and at age 26 still has plenty of time to improve, with a massive career increase of over double his previous best home run season in 2023 with 38 and batting .264 Robert Jr will prove to be an asset in both attack and defence. He would be a starting centre fielder in my team.




Video taken from Chicago White Sox official YouTube channel

Cincinnati Reds – Hunter Greene 2024 adjusted salary of $3.333.333 including signing bonus of $333.333 …. The Reds have a few players that I was thinking of adding to my roster including future superstar Elly De La Cruz but I love the potential of Greene who regularly throws pitches in excess of 100mph. He started 22 games in 2023 and pitched to an ERA of 4.82 but to me this is not a true reflection of his abilities. I’m predicting a great 2024 for Greene and he makes my rotation.



Cleveland Guardians – Emmanuel Clase 2024 total salary $2.900.000 including $400,000 signing bonus …. One of three closers on my team and one of the best closers in baseball I have chosen three as I will need to rotate then as they won’t play every day. In 2023 he posted a career high 3.22 ERA although still not terrible numbers I expect this to be an anomaly and Clase will result to a standard around 1.5 ERA in 2024.



Colorado Rockies – Jalen Beeks 2024 adjusted salary $1.675.000 …. A new signing for the Rockies this year from the Rays where he did not have his best year pitching to an ERA of 5.95 however if he can get back to his 2022 form where he pitched to a 2.80 ERA in 42 games Beeks is a fantastic option from the pen, a good pick up from the Rockies.



Detroit Tigers – Jason Foley 2024 pre arbitration salary $766,300 …. Another great bullpen option coming off a 2.61 ERA in 69 innings pitched this is another person that will give me steady middle to the end of bullpen options. Foley only conceded 2 home runs in 2023 so is a reliable option in the pen for my team.



Houston Astros – Josh Hader 2024 base salary $19.000.000 …. One of my other closers and new Astros closer Josh Hader is in the first year of a 5 year $95 million dollar contract with the Astros coming off a great season with the Padres posting a quite frankly insane ERA of 1.28 in 61 games and 56.1 innings pitched where he only allowed 3 home runs a one two three closing trio of Hader, Diaz and Clase is some back end of the bullpen.



Kansas City Royals – Bobby Witt Jr 2024 base salary adjusted salary $2.707.070 including signing bonus $707,701 …. In the first year of an 11yr $288.777.777 contract extension Witt Jr will be my starting shortstop. At only 23 years of age he has the potential to be one of the best shortstops in MLB in the next decade and by far the stand out player in the Royals organisation hence the big contract extension. In 2023 he posted a .276 average with 30 home runs and 177 hits so he will be getting on base a lot for the players around him on my team.


























Video taken from MLB's YouTube channel

Los Angeles Angels – Mike Trout 2024 base salary $37.116.666 including a $1.666.667 signing bonus …. With Shohei Othani signing as a free agent with the Dodgers in the offseason Trout was really the only option with the Angels. The trouble with Trout is he can’t stay fully healthy anymore starting only 82 games last season. He still managed 18 home runs at an .263 average. He may not be the best version of himself anymore but a healthy Mike trout may be a starter but he’s a great bench option for my team.



Los Angeles Dodgers – Shohei Ohtani 2024 adjusted base salary $2.000.000 …. With Ohtani deferring $68.000.000 a year of his Dodgers contract financially Ohtani is a steal if I was running under a legitimate payroll, forget about that though this is baseball’s biggest star and although this year he will only be a DH Ohtani would still be a superstar if he didn’t even pitch. Forget about the off field issues happening on the field his stats speak for themselves. Last year he was the AL MVP and had a tremendous offensive production with 44 home runs, 95 RBI’s and a .412 OBP. Ohtani is a superstar and will be the DH of my team.



Miami Marlins – Jazz Chisholm Jr 2024 base salary $2.625.000 …. The only thing holding Jazz Chisholm Jr back is the fact he’s not always on the field. Since his only all-star appearance so far he has missed around half the games he has been able to play through various injuries. Thankfully however these look to be behind him, and he has been fine so far in 2024. When he does play he is great between the time on the field in 2022 and 2023 he scored 33 home runs and 96 RBI’s not that there was any doubt but in 2024 Chisholm Jr is back and will be one of my outfield rotation options.



Milwaukee Brewers – William Contreras 2024 pre arbitration base salary $766.900 …. Contreras had a great 2023 being one of the best catchers in the NL and will start the season as my backup catcher. The former all-star from 2022 had a great year behind the plate backed up by arguably his best year offensively hitting to an average of .289 with 17 home runs and a career high 78 RBI’s. If he continues the form in the first half of 2024 he could be an all-star for a second time in 2024.



Minnesota Twins – Pablo Lopez 2024 base salary adjusted salary $8.250.000 including signing bonus of $250.000 …. Lopez will be one of the starting pitchers and has quickly established himself as one of the league’s best and consistent pitchers posting a 3.66 ERA over 32 starts which is what is needed someone you can guarantee will start every 5 days at 194 innings 2023 was a career high or Lopez averaging out to 6 innings per start.



New York Mets – Edwin Diaz 2024 adjusted salary $14.150.000 …. Diaz missed the entirety of the 2023 season after getting injured playing for Puerto Rico in the World Baseball Classic and boy did the Mets miss their best relief pitcher as their season fell apart. They are ecstatic to have him back for 2024 and I’m ecstatic to have him in a devastating three punch combo with Hader and Clase. When he last was healthy in 2022 he posted an astonishing 1.31 ERA in 61 games and 62 innings pitched.



New York Yankees – Juan Soto 2024 final arbitration salary $31.000.000 …. The superstar one of the best players in history at his age, when it came to the Yankees they have three players arguably in the top ten currently in baseball in Soto, Aaron Judge and Gerrit Cole so the Yankees choice had to be one of the three. With Cole currently on the IL and not expected to be fit till at least June we don’t know how he is going to perform this season. Judge is a home run machine, but I have chosen Soto simply because he will get on base more for the players I have set up in the lineup. He is basically a walk machine and a must for my roster.



Oakland Athletics – Lucas Erceg 2024 base salary $750.000 …. The Oakland Athletics may not possess the big names of some of their counterparts, I was looking at one of two players the closer Mason Miller and Lucas Erceg. I decided I was happy with the closer situation on the team and Erceg is a decent option from the bullpen possessing an ERA of 4.75 from his 50 games and 55 innings last season makes him someone who you wouldn’t be scared to use if needed. Promoted into the big leagues in 2023 the 3rd baseman come pitcher has already started 2024 as a strong middle reliever.

Philadelphia Phillies – Bryce Harper 2024 adjusted salary $27.538.462 including signing bonus of $1.538.462 …. Harper will be my starting 1st baseman coming off a great 2023 where he was superb in the playoff especially in the NLCS loss to the Diamondbacks. Reliable in both defence and attack Harper posted an average of .293 and hitting a fine 72 RBI’s. It’s been 5 years since he last posted a season over 100 RBI’s but if he carries on from his playoff form this could be achievable again this year.



Pittsburgh Pirates – Oneil Cruz pre arbitration salary $755.000 …. Oneil Cruz is my choice to be the backup shortstop to Bobby Witt Jr and is on the roster as I believe 2024 could be his true breakout year. After a great spring training after injury cut his 2023 season short on the back of a 2022 where he hit 17 home runs and 54 RBI’s. 2024 will be the year I think Cruz was going to have in 2023. With athleticism and power, I think both defence and offense will continue to improve. He can steal a base and could provide a good pinch hit option in later innings.



San Diego Padres – Luis Arraez 2024 base salary $10.600.000 …. 2023 was the season of Luis Arraez in many respects 203 hits and an average of .354. About a third of the way into the season he was flirting with a .400 average. Having just been traded to the Padres at the start of the season may be of benefit as the Marlins have not started great and the Padres are looking good in the first month or so. He may not hit many home runs but that is not his job the guy is an on base percentage machine. The 2023 season included being the first Marlins player to ever hit for the cycle a second all-star season in a row and a second NL league batting title in a row. For those reasons Luis Ararez will be my starting 2nd baseman and leadoff hitter.



San Francisco Giants – Jordan Hicks 2024 adjusted salary $6.500.000 including a signing bonus of $500.000 …. Jordan Hicks signed a 4 year $44 million dollar deal in free agency in the offer season with the intention to move from a mainly relief occasional starting pitcher into a front line starting pitcher in 2024. So far its worked great, there was never any doubt about the talent it was just a case of how long it would take to adapt to a frontline pitcher who would start every 5 days. It has however started great pitching to a below 2 ERA and only conceding one home run in his first seven starts.



Seattle Mariners – Julio Rodriguez 2024 adjusted salary $11.912.500 including a signing bonus of $1.912.500 …. Julio Rodriguez is a star on the rise hence why the Mariners signed a then 22 year old to a 12 year contract. Last year was Rodriguez’s second consecutive all-star appearance and best season yet of his still very early career posting 32 home runs at a .275 average. Rodriguez would start on the bench in my team with a great option late in the game for offense or defence.






Video Taken from Seattle Mariners official YouTube account

St. Louis Cardinals – Nolan Arenado 2024 adjusted salary $24.000.000 …. My starting 3rd baseman, there is a reason my Arenado is a perennial all-star his defence is elite and he always contributes with the bat. Setting aside the covid season he is pretty much a guarantee for around 100 RBI’s a year. A contact hitter who does not strikeout much a solid player all round for my team.



Tampa Bay Rays – Josh Lowe 2024 pre arbitration salary $755,700 …. Although Lowe starts the 2024 season on the IL he should be active by the time you are reading this. Coming off a strong end to the 2023 season Lowe is a player I am expecting a continuation from going into 2024. He will be a sub on my team but a valuable one. Looking at the Rays team this is the player I’m expecting the biggest upside from going forward.



Texas Rangers – Nathan Eovaldi 2024 salary $17.000.000 including $1.000.000 signing bonus …. Another starting pitcher coming of a World Series winning season where he was consistent and very reliable during the Rangers playoff run in 2023 pitching 144 regular season innings pitching to an ERA of 3.63 over 25 starts with an average of over 5.2 innings pitched per outing. A quality addition to the starting rotation.



Toronto Blue Jays – Tim Mayza 2024 salary $3.590.000 …. Around all the superstars I need a reliable bullpen and not every player of the roster needs to be a household name. I’m looking at Mayza as a solid arm from the pen and based not last year’s stats this is exactly what Mayza provides. A 1.52 ERA in 53.1 innings pitched is a solid edition to my team.



Washinton Nationals – Hunter Harvey 2024 salary $2.325.000 …. Yet another solid piece for the bullpen, not everyone has to be a superstar but players like Harvey in the bullpen are great to eat up an innings or two. Last year in 57 games and 60.2 innings he posted a very respectable 2.82 ERA.


Total payroll $310.857.112 for 30 men Batting Lineup


1. Luis Arraez

2. Juan Soto

3. Ronald Acuna Jr

4. Shohei Ohtani

5. Bryce Harper

6. Bobby Witt Jr

7. Luis Robert Jr

8. Nolan Arenado

9. Adley Rutschman



Jazz Chisholm Jr

William Contreras

Oneil Cruz

Rafael Devers

Josh Lowe

Julio Rodriguez

Mike Trout


Starting Pitching Rotation

1.Zac Gallen

2.Nathan Eovaldi

3.Jordan Hicks

4.Pablo Lopez

5.Hunter Greene

6.Shota Imanaga (if needed)



Jalen Beeks

Emmanuel Clase

Edwin Diaz

Lucas Erceg

Jason Foley

Josh Hader

Hunter Harvey

Tim Mayza


All salary information taken from

Stats taken from

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