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What is 20 Seconds on Base 

20 seconds on base is a community and brand talking all things baseball.


Based out of the UK the aim of 20 seconds on base is to bring a group of like-minded individuals together to chat and interact all things baseball.


No experience needed. This is an idea born out of bringing baseball to be more accessible to the UK and beyond.


Whether you have watched all your life or never seen a game before the ambition of 20 seconds on base is to the discuss the game from novice level to expert.


There are no stupid questions let’s have fun and enjoy this.

Further down the line there will be a podcast, a YouTube channel and a discussion forum for everyone to interact and discuss the best sport on the planet.


So why are we called 20 Seconds on Base?


When the pitch clock was introduced in 2023 the original times were 15 seconds per pitch when the bases were empty, 20 seconds when there are one or more men on base (this has since been reduced to 18 seconds in 2024). However, I prefer the original time frame hence 20 Seconds on Base was born.

If you're new to Baseball PLEASE PLEASE use the glossary, the amount of times I had to google something when I first became a fan was crazy it's designed to help with this. 


Welcome everyone to 20 Seconds on Base

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